Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5 miles

5 miles done today, but still slower than I've ever been before. Maybe some new running shoes would help. Or a new gadget, like the Nike thingy. Or some new running sunglasses. My attempt to cut down on spending this month isn't really working.

Distance: 5.07 miles
Time: about 55 mins


JogBlog said...

That's not slow at all, considering you haven't been running regularly for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. Or is it just that haven't been blogging regularly for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages? But even then it's not slow.

Em said...

True - I haven't been running regularly for ages, but it's still frustrating that it would have taken me just over 50 mins to do 5 miles in the past.

Mind you - it's far more hilly here. When I used to run along the river at Sproughton it was completely flat, so I suppose I should take that into account.