Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is there a prize...

... for the slowest Juneathoner ever? In which case, can I just claim it now and be done with it, please?

So today, after some nagging gentle persuasion from JogBlog I went for my first Juneathon of the year. And the good news is I only have to go ONCE MORE to beat last year's record.

Distance: 4.03 miles
Time: 49:13
Pace: SLOW


JogBlog said...

Well done, you can do it!

cyclevrun said...

One run done. Starting is the hardest bit and that's out the way now!

I listened to your 'over the rainbow' which is fantastic.

I have been meaning to try the guitar. But I'm left handed and wondered what your advice would be on learning: learn right handed, get a left handed guitar, re-string a right handed guitar or learn it upside down!

And then, what is a good beginners guitar to buy? So I can play 'over the rainbow' too (in many, many years time...)


Em said...

Thanks cyclevrun! Glad you liked it!

Definitely go for learning left handed (assuming that it feels natural to hold it that way round). With regards to make, drop me an email if you like emmajane70 'at' gmail dot com

Steve said...

I needed the "gentle persuasion" too... motivation can be such a frustration!